HTML Tutorial - Color

Defining Page Colors
The general colors of your webpage are defined inside the <body> tag.
There are 5 attributes available.
bgcolor="" (Background color.)
text="" (Text color.)
link="" (Link color.)
alink="" (Active link color.)
vlink="" (Visited link color.)

eg: <body bgcolor="white" text="black" link="blue" alink="red" vlink="green">

Color codes may also be used for the color names. See this page for colorcodes.

Individual links and text can be set to be their own color by using the <font> and </font> tag.
eg: <font color=steelblue>Steelblue Text</font>
Steelblue Text

The size attribute is also available with the font tag.
eg: <font color=steelblue size=5>Steelblue Text</font>
Steelblue Text

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